GeRu Organic Beef

Assortment according to GeRu Simmental select criteria

Breed: Simmental raised by Austrian farmers
Origin: born, fed and slaughtered in Austria

Portioning and packaging at GeRu HandelsgmbH AT 31378 EG

According to category (cows, heifers, bulls):
Carcass weight: 260 to 440 kg
Grades: Meat classification:  E, U, R, O
Fat class:  2+, 3, 4

Selection criteria for portioning:
Fat colour: 1, 2 (specialized selection already at carcass takeover)
Aging: at least 2 weeks from the date of portioning; the end of the aging period is indicated on the label of the vacuum package
pH value: 5,8 after at least 16 hours after slaughtering


GeRu Organic Beef

The organic meat is of exclusively Austrian origin, i.e. the cattle must have been bred in an Austrian organic farm, slaughtered in an authorized slaughterhouse and carefully portioned and selected at our company in the Waldviertel.

GeRu SIMMENTAL select assortment
The brand GeRu SIMMENTAL select, which is assorted according to GeRu SIMMENTAL select criteria, is tailored to the needs of restaurants and canteen kitchens. In addition to customary organic beef, we offer GeRu Organic Beef which is carefully assorted according to GeRu SIMMENTAL select criteria with regard to quality and professional selection of the organic meat.

Labels of organic farming, origin and breed are guaranteed by independent periodic checks under the bos and VUQS systems.

To summarize:

  • Organic beef, breed: Simmental
  • Good, but moderate fat cap on the cuts
  • Light fat and meat colour
  • Good muscular structure
  • Good intramuscular marbling
  • Use of long-standing experience and professional
  • expertise in selection
  • Measuring of the pH value of all parts before
  • portioning to exclude “stress meat”
  • Indication of aging period on the portioning label
  • of the GeRu SIMMENTAL select assortment to
  • guarantee the minimum aging period
  • Best value for money




Top bit and rump

We offer cuts of the top bit and rump in all qualities, from

  • PAD to
  • cuts with fat cap



We also deliver customized cuts and packages.


Sirloin with tenderloin

Sirloin is delivered in all qualities, from

  • PAD to
  • extremely fat and marbled

We offer a great variety of cuts, including roast joint and tenderloin, with customer-specific quality and weight

Front quarter

As described above for the prime cuts of the top bit and rump, we offer a variety of cuts of the front quarter. We also produce different assortments and cuts of meat for processing.