GeRu dry aged

Criteria of brand:
Born, fed and slaughtered in Austria

Portioned and packaged at GeRu HandelsgmbH AT 31378 EG

According to category (cows, heifers, bulls):
Age of cattle: up to a maximum of 48 months
Carcass weight: 260 to 380 kg
Grades: Meat classification: E, U, R
Fat class: 3, 4, 5

Selection criteria for portioning:
Fat colour: 1, 2, 3, good marbling (specialized selection already at carcass takeover)
Aging: at least 28 days from the slaughtering date
pH value: 5,8 after a minimum of 16 hours after slaughtering


GeRu dry aged Beef

Dry aging is a method for making meat tender and palatable by ripening on the bone and unpackaged in air. This aging method is optimally suited to obtain the best quality of prime beef cuts for grilling or sautéing etc. The meat becomes very tender and develops a fine, slightly nutty flavour.

It is, however, of significant importance to use the best suited raw material. The meat must be well marbled, have sufficient fat cap, be of light colour and come from younger animals. We are able to select the meat according to these criteria, due to a large choice of raw material and long-standing experience from export to other countries.

For this brand we only use the meat of heifers, bullocks and young cows of Austrian origin. Labels of origin are guaranteed by independent periodic checks under the bos and VUQS systems.

Meat of the appropriate quality is hung in air in a special cool room for at least 28 days. Then the meat is cut and portioned according to product and packaged.


  • Rump-Steak
  • T-Bone-Steak
  • Porterhouse-Steak
  • Rib-eye-Steak
  • Filet- Steak
  • Tomahawk
  • Primerib
  • Forerib
  • Striploin

All products are also available deep frozen.


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Top bit and rump

We offer cuts of the top bit and rump in all qualities, from

  • PAD to
  • cuts with fat cap



We also deliver customized cuts and packages.


Sirloin with tenderloin

Sirloin is delivered in all qualities, from

  • PAD to
  • extremely fat and marbled

We offer a great variety of cuts, including roast joint and tenderloin, with customer-specific quality and weight

Front quarter

As described above for the prime cuts of the top bit and rump, we offer a variety of cuts of the front quarter. We also produce different assortments and cuts of meat for processing.