GeRu HandelsmgbH was founded in 2002 by Ing. Gernot Rumpold. Since several generations the Rumpold family has been active in trade, processing and assortment of beef.

At the beginning of the new company, orders for portioning beef as well as purchase and sale of beef, turkey and pork were carried out by one single employee and managed from Vienna. In 2006 GeRu HandelsgmbH moved to Martinsberg in the southern part of the Waldviertel region. Since then, the company has been growing steadily and has now approximately 50 staff members.

In our portioning plant we process and sell approximately 5000 tons per year of beef, pork and poultry of the finest quality.

On the domestic market, our products are primarily sold to gastronomy wholesalers and industry. A share of approximately 40 per cent is exported to other European countries.