Beef is our main product line. We prepare cuts of meat from bullocks, cows, heifers and oxen. The animals are raised in our own region, and in neighbouring EU member states. We specialize in prime cuts of beef of the hindquarter.

We offer our customers a great variety of cuts, standardized goods and quality assortments, considering origin and brand. For more detailed information, please place the cursor on the red spots on the graph below.

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Top bit and rump

We offer cuts of the top bit and rump in all qualities, from

  • PAD to
  • cuts with fat cap



We also deliver customized cuts and packages.


Sirloin with tenderloin

Sirloin is delivered in all qualities, from

  • PAD to
  • extremely fat and marbled

We offer a great variety of cuts, including roast joint and tenderloin, with customer-specific quality and weight

Front quarter

As described above for the prime cuts of the top bit and rump, we offer a variety of cuts of the front quarter. We also produce different assortments and cuts of meat for processing.