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GeRu HandelsgmbH specializes in trade, processing and sorting of beef.

Up to 7000 tonnes of exquisite quality beef are being processed by about 70 employees at the location in Martinsberg in the southern Waldviertel.

GeRu Premium select  BEST MEAT SELECTION

Meat Brand GeRu Premium select

The brand GeRu PREMIUM select is a higher-level quality selection of prime cuts which comprises all types of meat, different origins and special brands within our product range.

The selection process already starts with:

  • The choice of suppliers of the raw material, 
  • The purchase of meat of the corresponding quality 
  • The selection before portioning and last, but not least 
  • Processing, sorting and packaging of the cuts during the production process

We comply with special customer requests regarding quality, cuts and weight. This means that prime cuts of bull, heifer and cattle are also selected within our brands, which creates added value for our customers as compared to our standard product range. 

The “Premium – programme” comprises selected items of our standard product range. Our products and special “Premium – Selections” are designed in line with our customers’ demand. 

The product range comprises: High-quality beef for grilling

Meat of our special brands (e.g. GeRu SIMMENTAL select) in the various categories (young bull, heifer, cow) is qualified by the following parameters:

  • Very good marbling
  • Light meat colour
  • Good and moderate fat cap
  • Weight

Meat for roasting and boiling
Meat for roasting and boiling is also selected according to fat and meat colour, fat cap, portioning and weight. Meat for roasting and boiling needs to be firm and delicately marbled.

Parts for commercial and industrial processing 
In accordance with customer demands, customized qualities, cuts and weight classes are the basis for inclusion in our “Premium – programme”.

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Top bit and rump

We offer cuts of the top bit and rump in all qualities, from

  • PAD to
  • cuts with fat cap



We also deliver customized cuts and packages.


Sirloin with tenderloin

Sirloin is delivered in all qualities, from

  • PAD to
  • extremely fat and marbled

We offer a great variety of cuts, including roast joint and tenderloin, with customer-specific quality and weight

Front quarter

As described above for the prime cuts of the top bit and rump, we offer a variety of cuts of the front quarter. We also produce different assortments and cuts of meat for processing.